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Chloe Combi

Author, Journalist, Podcast Host, Consultant and International Speaker

Chloe Combi is an author, journalist, podcast host, consultant and international speaker. Author of the first book on Generation Z where she interviewed over 3000 members of the generation, she has now conducted over 12,000 interviews and is writing another book on Generation Z and has started the research for the first Generation A book. She has recently completed Series 1 of You Don’t Know Me, a hit series with Sharon Horgan’s company, Merman. YDKM is about the lives of global teenagers and won rave reviews across the board – Season 2 is in the works. Chloe has spoken in over 50 countries about her work and has worked with some of the biggest brands and companies in the world – her insight into the future, trends and new generations has made her a valuable asset across industry. She works with political parties and recently advised on an American presidential campaign, advising on youth voter engagement. She is a columnist for The Telegraph mainly focusing on teenage life, and a culture columnist for Vice, discovering unknown Generation Z and A trends – her recent piece on Airport Culture has been shared over 5 million times. She lives in London.

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