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Molly Brady

SVP Growth Marketing

Disney Streaming Services

Molly Bradley joined Disney Streaming Services in March 2018 as VP of Customer Acquisition. In January this year, she was promoted to SVP of Growth Marketing. Prior to Disney, she has worked at at American Express, IBM and Bloomingdale’s.

Molly has partnered with top brands, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Credit Karma, Nerdwallet, Delta, Starwood and JetBlue to deliver unique products and marketing programs. She has expertise in display media, social media, paid search, SEO, affiliate, site marketing, email, offline channels, new customer acquisition, product management & consulting.

She launched Amex’s first-ever limited time offer and refer-a-friend campaigns and reversed a 5-year decline in sales at Bloomingdale’s while managing $9M retail P&L in housewares & gourmet food.

Molly studied in Spain and Argentina and is fluent in Spanish. She holds a BS, Georgetown University, and MBA, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.

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