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FIPP D2C Summit,
in association with Peninsula Strategies

Interested in directly monetising your consumer relationships? Looking to build or grow your digital subscription or membership revenue line? Trying to develop multiple revenue streams?

The D2C Summit, presented by FIPP in association with Peninsula Strategies, is an exciting new event focused on all aspects of the direct-to-consumer market.

Building diversified revenue models

Direct-to-consumer revenue models will become the primary source of revenue for most media businesses. The D2C Summit will look at all aspects of consumer revenue, including:

  • How to build and grow your digital subscriptions business, drawing on case studies of success from brands like The New York Times and Netflix.
  • The e-commerce landscape, from Amazon to niche players, looking at what makes a successful business model in an increasingly competitive market.
  • With companies diverse as Peloton and Volvo building membership models, we’ll look at how to make your customer relationship more than just a subscription, combining recurring revenue with a suite of products and services.

Top case studies; expert speakers

Combining success stories from the media industry with shining lights from across the broader economy, the D2C Summit is a “do-not-miss” event for anyone focused on this critical new business area.

So whether you’ve already begun your D2C journey and are looking to improve by learning from ‘best in class’ businesses, or you’re about to make the leap into the direct-to-consumer world, come and be inspired by success stories from across the world.

No need to travel

The D2C Summit will be delivered virtually, with the option for selected delegates to join us in person on the final day. Sessions will be a mixture of fireside chats and individual presentations, with a strong emphasis on dialogue and the free exchange of ideas.


Contact FIPP’s event manager Natalie Butcher at

The D2C audience

Senior management and marketing, data, product and editorial management professionals will likely be the key job disciplines, but we can expect healthy representation from other disciplines as well as the likes of consultants, academics and others with an interest in the field.

Live and On-demand

As well as the live sessions, attendees will be get access to an extensive video library, combining newly-recorded and archive content designed to provide the fullest possible coverage of this important subject.

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